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Our services range from first time divers to experienced ones and in between. 1 star diver trainings TSSF/CMAS for beginners, 2 stars diver trainings TSSF/CMAS for advanced levels and TSSF/CMAS 3 stars for a first step towards professionalism. You will feel safe at the hands of our experienced divers.

Datça is located at where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. A brief briefing on the boat summarizes basic safety, submarine compliance information and skills just before you enter the crystal clear waters of Datça.

We have daily depatures. Our boat is specially crafted for diving purposes. We aim to give you best possible service both under and above water. You will also enjoy spending time on our boat apart from diving.

Serdal Bilgin

He worked in ABB Electric Company for many years. He settled in Datça in September, 2014. In addition to being a TSSF CMAS Diver Trainer and Industrial Diver (Professional Diver), he decided to provide diving services in his specially crafted diving boat since he’s seen the lacking of diving sports in Datça. He opened his scuba diving and underwater sports school by the brand name of DATÇA REEF DIVING diving school.

Özgü Bilgin

Özgü Bilgin

Graduated from Uludağ University International Relations. Education Advisor / Customer Relationship Adviser. In 2014 she moved to Datça from İstanbul where they opened the Datça Reef Diving with her husband Serdal Bilgin. They work together. She is a certified TSSF guide diver.

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