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Diving Spots, Program and Surprises
  • Aquarium cove
  • Aquarium wall
  • Armutlu cove
  • Armutlu cape
  • Antique anchor
  • Dick’s rock
  • Pig’s bay cave
  • Lighthouse island
  • İncirli hole
  • Meteorology wall
  • Moskof hole
  • Sandal stone
  • Triple stone

We depart at 10:00 am from the harbour. We will have lunch after our first dive, rest for a while and go for the 2nd diving point. After the 2nd dives are completed by our guides and trainers, we will return to harbour at about 16.30.

Dive groups are determined according to their certification level. Advanced dive groups dive in groups of up to 6 people in the presence of leaders and divers with initial certification in groups of 4 in the presence of leader and assistant divers.

Experimental diving is conducted under the supervision of an individual trainer with the intention of knowing, being there, living and exploring. Two dives are planned for the participants during the day, the depth limit is 5 meters and the duration is 20-30 minutes.

  • Trainees complete their theoretical and practical training according to TSSF / CMAS training standards.
  • TSSF / CMAS 1 * program consists of 6 sets, 5 under and 1 above the water.
  • TSSF / CMAS 2 * program consists of 6 sets, 5 under and 1 above the water.
  • TSSF / CMAS 3 * program consists of 5 sets of practical work.

You will encounter a different surprise in every dive. Thanks to the underwater riches which we will be discovering in this wonderful geography where the Aegean and Mediterranean waters are intermingled.

There really are so many things to see! Oregon, grouper, octopus and poseidon (sea) meadows are quite common. Ancient amphoras and large rocks are waiting to be discovered. When we compare with previous years, we see that the number of stingrays and sea turtles increases in our region. The variety of sponges are also home to many species of underwater life.

The seawater at our diving points is approximately 22-23 ° C in May / June, 24-27 ° C in July / August and 23-25 ° C in September / October. Datça’s Blue flagged sea is one of the cleanest waters in Turkey.